Virginia McGrath, Author


Still radiant, a new born babe, I pointed to the light,  
And that poor girl, my mother, arose in darkest night.  
She carried me out of the shabby house, past the boarded stores;  
Past the burning church, the neglected crops,  
Onto a highway and a big bright store,  
Where people ran or dragged along from floor to floor.  
Here my mother kissed me, and wrapped me in her shawl,  
And laid me on the counter displaying Barbie Dolls. 

Virginia McGrath 
December, 1998
Ms. McGrath has a small book of poems available titled Farther Up  The Valley
She wrote these poems  in 1997 to celebrate the Carmel Valley, California community where she has resided for the past seventeen years. The price is $4.95 plus a buck for postage and handling. If interested, Email  Virginia McGrath.
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