Welcome to Philip's Quick Start Post Polio Information Website. If you have an interest in The Late Affects of Poliomyelitis, this website will be of interest to you. 

I am Philip Childress. I had polio in 1949 at the age of 13. In 1993 I experienced respiratory failure while recovering from pneumonia. It was diagnosed as due to Late Effects of Poliomyelitis. 

Shortly before going to the hospital, I had connected to an Internet provider. When I returned home, I started researching the subject of post polio syndrome on the Internet. I wanted to learn about the condition, but I had no idea of what I should be looking for, and I spent too much time bumbling around in the dark. That experience prompted me to create this guide, the one I would like to have had in 1993. 

I present a concise way to quickly become acquainted with many of the online resources for Post Polio information. This is not a complete guide, nor is it authoritative. It's an opinion. 

If you are a polio survivor and you have a concern about your future, you will find a short list of strategic actions that can help you survive in a Post Polio Syndrome world. 

Enough blather. Make a bookmark of this page. Click the topics on the menu to the left, from top to bottom, or follow the page links at the bottom of each page. The last entry on the Menu is the Link Page, Post Polio websites I know to be helpful. From there you can find your way. 

Good luck.  


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