Introduction to Post Polio Syndrome 
Post Polio Syndrome (Late Effects Of Poliomyelitis) has but recently been studied and accepted as a specific condition that often affects people who have recovered from the debilitation of acute poliomyelitis. The reoccurrence of pain, weakness, respiratory dysfunction, and other symptoms similar to their previous condition is often puzzling to the individuals that are experiencing them. Because the condition was not frequently seen by physicians, and the symptoms are shared in part by many other medical conditions, health care practitioners were seldom acquainted with this condition.  

Approximately twenty years ago the medical community identified what seemed to be recurring symptoms of polio in patients who were rehabilitated polio survivors. Research in clinics and universities followed, so now there is a body of information pertaining to this condition that is available to anyone that has access to the World Wide Web.  

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If you, or someone you know, needs assistance in getting in touch with the knowledge base relating to Post Polio Syndrome, then this web page will out link you to thousands of people with experience of this condition. Polio survivors in all stages of the Late Effects of Polio, health care workers, institutions of many sorts, companies that provide products to enable survivors to deal with their health problem, and Lord knows who all are available to assist other people obtain the information that will help them make informed decisions about their health care.  

These  people use the World Wide Web to reach and help ordinary citizens in the community who are struggling to understand and cope with the problems of Late Effects of Poliomyelitis. It is the capability of the Internet to reach everywhere that makes this possible.  

This is real good.  

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