To book-up, a term from my school days, is to become familiar with the known literature on a subject. The documents available on the web about polio are varied and extensive. Post Polio Syndrome websites have links to collections of medical articles and extracts, information in the form of FAQ (frequently asked questions) files, links to newsletters and periodicals on polio and it's ramifications, and so forth. The handiest thing is that most of these websites contain pointers to other websites that are sources of information about polio and Post Polio Syndrome. Once you start searching the Net, if it's there, you will find it. 

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A good place to start looking for general information on polio is the "Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network - Main Gate to Polio and Post-Polio Information." Click on the link below and bookmark the site after you log-on.

Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network


Another excellent source of medical information is Ernie Wollering's Post Polio Syndrome, Recently Published Medical Articles. Bookmark this site, also.

Polio Medical Articles


With this start, you will soon find the information that will best serve your needs. Open the links and follow their trail. Ask questions when you get wedged. 

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