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 Fielding Worldwide, Inc.   Info on danger when travel to other countries. Hardcore traveler hangout.
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 Air Affair   RECREATIONAL AVIATION  Library, fuel prices, destinations.
 Airliners.net    Airliners.net - Civil Aviation Center and Aviation Photography Gallery.
 Aviation Articles - History and Technology    HistoryNet aviation articles.
 Air Group 4 - WWII    Air Group 4 During World War II - Casablanca to Tokyo.
 Aviation WebRing List    Start page for hundreds of websites devoted to airplanes and aviation.
 Gastin's Home Page    Fighter GUNS and armament.
 Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of US Military Aircraft   They are all here. Exhaustive information.
 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) - Smart Weapons    Arming Warbirds.
 Look massster, plaaaanes!!     Aviation. pictures, history, tecnhology, people, archeology.
 Randy Wilson's AvHistory Website   About old airplanes and flying them.
 Stormbirds   Me 262 made in Texas - The CFII Stormbird Production Project
 US Air Force Museum    Wright-Patterson AFB Dayton. Archives, history, weapons, warplanes.
 Vortex Aviation    Aircraft FOR SALE. New and used. Civilian and ex-military. Amazing.
 Aircraft Websites
 B-36 Minuteman    Mr. Big of the strategic bombers - 6 props and 4 jets.
 Canberra - RB-57   British bomber later used by the U.S. as the Martin RB-57
 PBY Catalina    A website dedicated to this fine old amphibian/seaplane.

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 BookFinder.com    Search out-of-print and USED books.
  AddALL    Used and Out of Print book search
  Best Book Buys    Srearches 26 online bookstores.
 eCampus Book Store    A real good place for NEW books.
 MusicBooks Pro Recording    Good selection.

Books On-line
 Price Scan
 Barnes and Noble
 Common Reader

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Order Food
 Chasen's Chili    Clolsed Hollywood restaurant chili to the Stars still available.
 Diedrich Coffee   Arrogant Irvine merchant, but sometimes has good coffee.
 Epicurious Culinary Website   Ambitious website - something for everyone.
 Ideal Cheese Shop    CHEESE shop in New York.
 Peet's Coffee & Tea  I have bought COFFEE from Peets since 1968, and their tea is great.
 Penzeys Spices    SPICES and hurbs mail order.

About Food and Cooking
 CHEESE   A cheese directory.
 Digital Chef    Answers to your COOKING questions
 LHJ Kitchen Ladies Home Journal Kitchen Website

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 Cal - Franchise Tax Board    Tax forms, Renter's credit, Tax help.
 California Government Website    The state's webpage.
 California State Senate    Contact information.
 Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls    Stop Unsolicited Calls

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 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilazations    Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec.
 NetSword - Medieval Weapons Website    medieval and renaissance swords, daggers.
 Smithsonian Institute
 WWII - Naval Air Group 4    Dedicated to those who served in VT-4, VB-4, VF-4, VMF-124 and VMF-213.

 C.  C. Jorden's WWII Aviation History Magazine
 German Armed Forces in WWII    Jason Pipes's World War II web site.
 John Salt's Fighter Home Page    Planes. Armement. Guns. Bombs.
 WWII Historians    Contributors to News Groups.

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 Bad Astronomy - Bitesized Astronomy    A teacher's eye view of the heavens. Answers questions.
 Bill Wattenburg's Webpage    "Smartest man on earth." KGO host. Shit raker, deluxe.
 Go Ask Alice    Columbia Univ.'s Health Education Program. Sex is Big.
 The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing    TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL - by Jeffrey R. Harrow.

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 Articles by Jamie Zawinski nee Netscape    Head of Mozilla.
 Bio - amillionlives    A guide to biography sites on the Web .
 Biographical Dictionary    Contains Bios of people from ancient times to present,  searchable: name, keyword, date.
 eBook Reality Inspector    A great example of webb publishing a book.
 Electric Library    Immediate research solutions for all your needs. "Research Now! - ask a question and click Go!"
 Flags of the World    Many flags. World Flag Database.
 Logos Dictionary    A multi-language look-up database for defining words and phrases.
 Quotes    generationterrorists.com - Quotes for any occassion and ony subject.
 The Constants and Equations Pages    Internet reference resource for Science, Math and Astronomy.
 ResearchPaper.com    A collection of topics, ideas, and assistance for research projects.

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 Byte Magazine Online   All that is left of a great magazine.
 Consumer Reports Magazine
 Nerve Magazine    "We are not porn.  We are literate smut."
 Pathfinder Portal    Magazines:  Time - Fortune - Money - Entertainment - People and CNN Cable.
 Popular Science Magazine
 Scientific American Magazine

Science and Technology E-zines
 DigitalDuo TV Show    Stephen Manes and Susan Gregory Thomas: two analog people in a digital world.
 Science Daily
 Upside Today
 Nature Magazine    International weekly journal of science.
 New Scientist
 Naked PC

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 Episode Guides to TV Shows    All flavors.

 Christian Science Monitor    Still in existance.
 Media Magnet Press Release Software    Press Release to over 7000 media contacts.
 The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet    All of the Radio Stations in the World.
 ZDNetTV    A 24-hour television network about computing, with an integrated website.
 CBN Canadian Broadcast Network
 KCBA - Ch 35 Tevelision Salinas
 KION - Ch 5 Television Monterey
 KNVI - Ch 11 Television San Jose
 KQED - Ch 9 Public Television Affiliate    Public Television
 KRON - Ch 4 Television San Francisco
 KPIX - Ch 5 CBS Television San Francisco
 KSBW - Ch 8 Television Monterey
 KTEH - Ch 54 Public Television San Jose
 KTVU - Ch - 2 Television Oakland
 AMC    American Movie Classics Cable.
 A&E    Cable Television
 CSPAN    Citizen's Cable Television
 DISCOVERY - Cable Television     Cable Television
 MSNBC - Cable News (Pathfinder)     Cable Television News
 PBS - Public Network Television
 1st Headlines    News From 100 Newspaper, Broadcast & Online News Sources.
 Media Link    4000 Online Newspapers and 2500 Magazines can found here.
 Space News    News from Man's endeavor to go into space.
Program Websites
 ABCNews - Network News
 California Gold    Join in the search for "California's Gold" with Huell Howser.
 KLRU Austin - Home of Austin City Limits
 News Hour with Jim Lerher - PBS
 Radio-Locator   Radio station search engine on the internet.  Links to Over 7500 Radio Stations.
 KGO 810 San Francisco    Talk Radio
         Ronn Owens   Morning host
 KUSP - RADIO - Santa Cruz   PBS station

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Foxsports Cable
Sports Yahoo Cable


 Medline    Search MEDLINE: PubMed and Internet - Grateful Med - Serious medical information .
 NeedyMeds    Drug manufacturers help low-income  people get medicine
 Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics    Orthopedic reference

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 body modification extreme
 real russian girls

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  Fraud Information

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 Blues Performers Biographical Database
 Elderly Music    CD Order. Acappella Music. Bulgarian Women...
 Iris DeMent - Unofficial Website    The Official Website
 Mapleshade    CD Online sales for their music - Pierre Spray - Jazz - Blues - Wildchild
 Music News-Wirre    The ultimate guide to music news on the web.
 Ponti Bone Webpage    Good time Austin music.
 Reverend Gary Davis     Early South Carolina blues artist, later gospel singer. Definative finger picking guitarist.
 Second Spin Used CDs     Largest used CD and movie web store. Buy or Sale.
 Shareware Music Machine    Music software download site, detailed descriptions, discussion forums for each program listed.
 Spinner.com    Web's premier personalized radio, music, RealAudio streaming technology. Free.
 Zaps MUSIC-ON-THE-NET Tutorial!    Showcase your Music to the world, using the Internet. Howto.

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 Clipmate     UTILITY - Thornsoft Clipboard enhancer.
 Tucows        Shareware source.
 CNet            Shareware source

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 Bayview Pro Audio Sales
 GaJoom DIY Website    Do It Yourself music. Home made music service and publisher. MP3 music publishing.
 Hit Squad    "Musician's web center."
 Homerecording.com    Introduction to  homerecording. Basics. Pointers. Conacts.
 Josephson's Links to Stereo Micing
 Musician's Friend Links List   LINKS to recording equipment manufacturers
 RacerRecords Info for Artist and Labels    Adivce for beginning musicans and startup Indie Labels.
 ProRec Website    Pro and home recording resources on the Internet.
 Studio Guru    Audio recording and engineering information resources and information on the web.

Equipment Sales
 Bay View Pro Audio Sales    Bought Fostex D-108.
 Berler Audio Sales    Mail order house.

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 A Christmas Card
 Latest Gerald Thomas Award
 MP3 - The New Music Revolution
 Virginia McGrath, Poet
 Y2K - Scientific American
 Y2K Song

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 BugBios    Insects on the Web.
 DAB - The World DAB Forum   Information about Digital Audio Broadcasting
 It's a small, small, small world   Molecular manufacturing article from MIT Technology Review
 Maps of the Universe    What the space explorers are seeing.
 Nature Magazine    International weekly journal of science.
 Nanotechnology   Molecular Science - "The world of the small"
 PhysLink    Physics, Astronomy and Engineering by PhysLINK.com - Reference and Education.
 SciSeek   Quiz a database about science and nature.
 SETI@home    Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home.

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 eBay Online Auction Search    Big deal.
 eSnipe Service    Automate eBay bidding.

 Consumer.gov    US consumer gateway - Link to Federal consumer information.
 FTC - Consumer Devision    Fair Trade Commision.
 ResellerRatings.com    Evaluations of Mail-Order/Internet Computer Products Sales Companies
 ScamBusters    The Internet scams, misinformation and hype that are costing entrepreneurs a fortune.
 10-10 PhoneRates.com    Compare numbers of all the 10-10 long distance phone plans side-by-side.
 Reseller Ratings    Ratings of Online Retail computer hardware bvendors.
 Review Finder   Locate reviews for ALL KINDS of consumer products.

--Big 5--

 Deal Time    Comparsion - and notifies you as products become available at your optimal price.
 PriceScan    Guide to the Lowest Prices on all kinds of stuff.
 Price Watch    Great COMPUTER comparison Website. The standard.


  BuyCom    Internet Superstore.
 Chip Merchant, The    Reliable reseller.
 Consumer World    A public service, non-commercial guide cataloging over 2000 of the most useful consumer resources.
 Egg Head    Computer Super Store.
 Harmony Centrol Online    Internet Superstore.
 Hypermicro Online Sales   SCSI speciality equipment, drives, media sales. Bought my Plextor CDR there.
 Land's End    Girl stuff.
 Markertek    Internet Superstore.
 NexTag Shopping    Online retailers compete for your business.
 Novica    Arts and crafts from Brazil, Peru, Africa, Central America, Asia.
 mySimon - Comparison Shop  Compare prices for merchandise

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 Io Moon Fly-by
 Mars Probe Website
 Space Daily    Daily happenings as man reaches for the stars.

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 Equipped To Survive    A serious approach to survival resources and technique for professionals.

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Swiss Army Knife Like Webpages
 Research-It    Collection: Language, Library, Geographical, Financial, Shipping, Internet

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 Fieldings Travels    Dangerous Trips Headquarters. What's Blowing-up where, how bad?
 Real World Rescue   High risk travel security and survival.

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 Ebert on Movies
 Movie Review Query Engine

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 Earth Camera   Cameras looking everywhere. See places far away happening right now. Thousands.

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 Autogun    Cannon, Machineguns and Ammunition - A website for military gun and ammunition enthusiasts.
 Axis Biographical Research    "An apolitical military research site."
 HyperWar: World War II on the World Wide Web    Hyper-link history of WWII.
 Kursk    Comprehensive.
 Russian WWII War Library     Comprehensive.
 The Boats    German sub site. English.
 Third Reich Factbook    Information on all aspects of Germany and her allies during World War II.
 U-boat Net    "History site for the German U-boat War 1939-1945. By participants. Extensive. In English.
 Unterseebootwaffe    The German wwII submarine force.
 World War II Database    History, Photos
 World War II Newsgroup    soc.history.war.world-war-ii Home Page.
 World War II Resources    Primary source materials on the Web. Original documents regarding all aspects of the war.
 World War II Vehicles    Tanks, trucks, SP guns, etc.

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