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This web site exists to identify trach related issues that people who live at home with trachs, and people with trachs that use ventilators, confront and deal with every day. The medical community focuses on trach maintenance procedures most appropriate to hospital and clinical settings, and these do not always transfer well to the home environment. When clinical practices fail the home user, suggestions from veteran home trach users is invaluable. The Internet brings these people together.

The format used for this website is to reduce a trach issue into topics and then find ideas and informational resources that will suggest possible solutions to resolve the problem, preferably from experienced trach users.

Disclaimer: this web site is intended to be used for information only. Think of it as a gossip column or a rumor mill. Nothing here is specifically recommended for others. Discuss with your physician the appropriateness for you of any thing you see here. Excuse this disclaimer, the world is full of litigators.

Finally, if you have a topic to suggest for this web site, or a suggestion to add to a topic, please E-mail me.

Enjoy your day.
Philip Childress
Topic Description

Trach Choice

Many different types and brands of trachs to choose from. Which is best for you?  More...

Trach Moisture

Thick phlegm plagues trach users and it is often related to the relative humidity of the environment the person is in.  More...

Trach Ties: Dermatitis

The trach tie area can be a troublesome place for inflammation or rash, and it happens to even the most fastidious people. More...

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