Philip Childress
of California

Valley Home on California's Central Coast

Information about Philip's Website
This webpage was established in 1995 as a project to learn the html markup language. It has since become the homepage for my browser, the quick doorway to links that lead to the familiar places I regularly visit, and a means to share a whimsy with visiting friends and surfers. A Post Polio Syndrome website fills in an unclaimed nitch of the post polio body of literature that might be helpful to an uninitiated polio survivor. I maintain a webpage concerned with the place I live, Rippling River, in Carmel Valley, on the central coast of California. 
In 1997 I acquired the domain name and soon moved into my virtual home at From now on, no matter where I move I will have the same Email address and webpage URL. 

Come in and make yourself comfortable, use the reference links, read the stories I've liked about animals (Email me all the good animal jokes you hear). 

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